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Share Files From Windows to Mac OS
  1. How To Share Files & Folders Between the Mac and PC
  2. Step 2. Connect PC to Mac File Sharing
  3. Set Up Your Mac's File Sharing Options
  4. Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily

How To Share Files & Folders Between the Mac and PC

But you can automate that process by turning file sharing on. Your Windows 8 PC should now be able to access the folders on your Mac that you've marked for sharing. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. From the Desktop, click the File Explorer icon in the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

Once the File Explorer window opens, click the Network item listed in the sidebar. From the Start page, right-click in an empty spot and select All Apps from the bottom bar. In the list of apps, click the File Explorer icon, and then select the Network item , which is located in the File Explorer sidebar. Go to the Network place in File Explorer.

  1. Connect to the Mac File Share from a Windows PC?
  2. Step 1 – Configure Windows 10 for Sharing?
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  6. Set Up Your Mac's File Sharing Options!

In the URL bar at the top of the File Explorer window, click in the empty space to the right of the word " Network " that's without the quotes, of course. This will select the word Network. Type two backslashes followed by the IP address of the Mac whose files you wish to access. For example, if your Mac's IP address is The IP address you entered should now appear in the File Explorer's sidebar, just below the Network item. Clicking the IP address in the sidebar will display all of the folders on your Mac that you've set up to share.

Step 2. Connect PC to Mac File Sharing

Using the IP address to gain access to your Mac's shared folders is a quick way to share files, but your Windows 8 PC won't remember the IP address once you close the Network places window. Instead of using the IP address, you can use your Mac's network name, which was also listed when you enabled file sharing on your Mac. Open the File Explorer if it isn't already open, and then right-click the Network item in the sidebar. In the pop-up menu, select Properties.

Open Windows Explorer and click on the folder or drive that you want to share. Both methods eventually brings you to the same screen. Make sure the Share this folder checkbox is ticked. Next, hit the Permissions button. Another window appears prompting you to select which volume to mount from the list.

Set Up Your Mac's File Sharing Options

Choose the desired destination and hit OK. Simply double-click the folder to open and start using it as normal!

An alternative method to connect to your PC is to open the Network folder on your Mac. You should then see a list of all shared machines on your local network.

As shown below, my PC pops up on the list as expected. Cheeky Apple! Enter the relevant details and click Connect. Once again, the shared drive appears in the main finder window. Open the shared folder to view its contents. In this case, I can see the My Documents folder and a few others. I've been passionate about Apple ever since I bought my first iPod followed by a white polycarbonate MacBook in Roland's Google Profile. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Enable SMB to share files between your Mac and Windows

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Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily

I solved the issue of permissions by creating an Apple Script with Automator which changes owner and permissions automatically as soon as a new file is added in my dropbox folder. Usually after a network scan. The script does the change and moves the files into another folder automatically. It asks me for the admin password all the time though.