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  1. How to Remove Read Only on Mac External Hard Drive without Formatting
  2. How to Enable NTFS Write Support in Mac OS X
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  4. 1. If Your Drive Is Blank

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AnyRecover works with all types of storage media, besides hard drives, flash drives, external drives, memory cards and more are supported as well. You can use the trial version for free before you decide to purchase the full version. Download Now Download Now. To recover data from your external hard drive before fixing the external hard drive read only issue, you will just need to follow the steps below:.

How to Remove Read Only on Mac External Hard Drive without Formatting

Step 2: Connect your external hard drive to the computer. Select the hard drive and then click Next. Step 3: Choose the file types you intend to recover and then click Scan. Step 4: After the scan, preview the files and select the ones you intend to recover. Next, click Recover. After recovering the data on the external hard drive, you can fix the error by reformatting it.

Use the steps below to reformat the drive:. Step 1: With the hard drive connected to the computer, open Disk Utility by doing one of the following:. Step 2: Select the external hard drive on the left and then click Erase on the main window. Step 3: Select the ideal file system and then give the hard drive a new name.

Solved: External Hard Drive is Read Only on Mac

If the external hard drive read only issue is a result of permission settings, the steps below could help you get rid of the problem:. Next, click Run. The main features offered AnyRecover include: You can use it to recover over file formats, including photos, videos, documents, etc.

Conclusion: If you have an external hard drive that you cannot write into, this article can help you fix the issue. There is no guarantee that ignoring the permissions or scanning the drive for formatting errors can help you get rid of the read-only issue.

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However, changing the file system configuration has a higher chance of helping you get rid of your issue. Before attempting to fix the issue by changing the file system to one that is compatible with the Mac OS X, make sure that you have recovered the files in the hard drive. The process of changing the file system will involve erasing the files in the hard drive.

Downloading AnyRecover and try recovering your data for free. I tried to trash and erase trash.

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I could not erase it. I tried eject from Finder.

How to Enable NTFS Write Support in Mac OS X

It could not. I unplugged - when there were no process active. I tried to plug, and could not mount. I discover apple run fsck automatically.

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I kill the process, used diskutil to mount the volume, unmount and eject. I tried to plug and mount and again. Now the volume is mounted, but Read only. Please advice on how get rid of read-only and steps to mount exFAT external HDD properly in mac, want to prevent automatic fsck - also because fsck is taking forever, and not sure it could repare anything if in read-only mode. FSCK is stuck at checking system hierarchy:. Being mounted in read-only mode is necessary for fsck which is short for File System ChecK to run; it ensures that no processes other than fsck are tampering with the data on the disk.

If a disk is mounting read-only it's because the operating system detected a problem with it which requires repair.

1. If Your Drive Is Blank

If you have access to a Linux or Windows machine they may be able to run the disk repair process more quickly, but regardless, something needs to go through the whole disk and repair whatever damage may have occurred by the unclean disconnection. Simply waiting for there to be "no processes" is also insufficient to ensure that a disk is safe for removal; the operating system takes some time to flush out its write caches and other performance-enhancing processes that allow you to get more work done while the actual disk operations happen in the background.

It's possible that the files were not fully transferred; hopefully you have backups of them which is a good policy to have in any case. Listen now. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.