Find network printer mac lion

Step 1: Connect the printer to the Mac or your network
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  2. Network printing issues in Mac OS X Lion … - Apple Community
  3. Adding a Printer using OS X 10.7 and Above
  4. Setting up a Network Printer in Mac OS X

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Click the Lock button and enter administrator credentials to allow changes. Click "Add. If you still can't access the Windows printer, click the "Windows" tab.

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Click "Workgroup" in the first column, then select the name of the print server from the second column. Enter a Windows administrator username and password to access the Windows printer. Select the option to remember the password in your keychain and click "Connect. Select the shared printer from the Printer list in the left sidebar. Click the "Share This Printer on the Network" check box.

Click "Done" to allow anyone on your network access to the printer. Choose a user category, select a user and click "Select.

Network printing issues in Mac OS X Lion … - Apple Community

To create a new account, click "New Person," provide user credentials and click "Create Account. Click "System Preferences" and click "Sharing" on any Mac that needs to access the shared printer. Click the "Printer Sharing" check box. Your employees can select the shared printer when printing a document.

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Adding a Printer using OS X 10.7 and Above

Solution: An update will be released by Apple to resolve the issue. PageManger 8 displays a "PPC not supported" message after installation and some option buttons are not displayed correctly Newsoft Presto! BizCard 5. Solution: Please check back to this page regularly for an update.

Back to Top. Is there a way to install samba?

I looked it up once, but it seemed more trouble that it was worth at the time. Perhaps if there is an easy way to get samba reinstalled, that will be the easier route this time. According to InsideApple.

Adding a Printer: CUPS Method

There are literally thousands that have the option of walking into my building, and using the computers. Is there an easy way to use the currently logged on user to authenticate to the printer.

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I'm much more comfortable in the windows environment, but i am willing to get my hands dirty, i just need a little guidance. It isn't ideal that it prompts a user for authentication. The vast majority of the users will login, print 1 document, then leave and they won't be back for weeks. But in any case, i delete all user profiles during the overnight hours, so they will be presented the same prompt for credentials again the next time they come in to the lab.

I double checked the keychain to make sure there were not entries for the print server. I then logged in as a standard user.

Setting up a Network Printer in Mac OS X

The printer was there, I printed a test page and was prompted to enter my password. I did, and the print job went to the "On Hold Authorization required" message. When i pushed the resume button, i was again prompted for my credentials. This time i entered my domain admin account, and it worked. To add another wrinkle to this, my machines are in 1 domain zzz , and the users are in another yyy. This is something I have no control over, and it cannot be changed. Now i'm wondering if even though osx let users login from other domain, it doesn't translate that info properly to the windows print server which is in zzz domain.

There's heaps of misinformation and disinformation out there on this. In much the same way, it seems pretty unlikely that samba is invoked for printing. Now then, what is this thread about?